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Top essential bootstrap plugins


Top essential bootstrap plugins 

Libraries and plugin/component packages

UI Bootstrap 

ui boostrap

The package extends Bootstrap with an additional set of native AngularJS directives based on Bootstrap’s markup and CSS without jQuery dependency. It offers a wide range of plugins like modal, rating, tabs, tooltip, date pickers, buttons, etc. 

The last update: October 2017
Compatibility with Bootstrap versions: requires Bootstrap CSS version 3.x or higher and it has been tested with Bootstrap CSS 3.3.6.
Developer team support: no
Documentation: Each plugin goes with extensive documentation and interactive examples.
Rating: 14,6 k on GitHub
Dependencies:  AngularJS, Angular-animate, Angular-touch, Bootstrap CSS

Bootstrap Vue

bootstrap vue

Bootstrap Vue is a library with components, over 45 available plugins, and icons. It uses the Vue.js framework for building user-friendly, mobile-first applications. The list of plugins contains alerts, avatars, calendars, different elements for forms (datepickers, checkboxes, input fields, radio inputs, etc.), input group, media, overlay, pagination, and much more. 

The last update: January 2021
Compatibility with Bootstrap versions: Bootstrap v4.3.1 and higher
Documentation: A separate page for documentation with getting started section and full documentation for every component and plugin.  
Developers team support: yes, vie the issues page in GitHub
Rating: 12.9k on GitHub 
Dependencies: Vue.js v2.6Popper.js v1.16,PortalVue v2.1
Additional feature: an interactive playground to experiment with the various components

Jasny Bootstrap

jasny bootsrap

As you understand Jasny Bootstrap can add some components to your app. You can pick plugins from the package to include in your project or connect them all at once with the jasny-bootstrap.js file. You can use all plugins through the markup API without writing JS code. Jasny Bootstrap also gives the option to unbind all events on the document namespace. The package includes the nav menu, alerts, buttons, off-canvas, row link, and file input.   

The last update: February 2019 
Compatibility with Bootstrap versions: Bootstrap 4 and higher
Documentation: documentation about using API, separate pages for plugins samples 
Developers team support: yes, via GitHub issues page 
Rating: 2.7k on GitHub 
Dependencies: no

Krajee jQuery plugins

krajee jquery plugins

Krajee jQuery is a collection of useful Bootstrap plugins, built using jQuery. The collection is not very big and contains less than ten elements, but every plugin feels like a mature product with one of the most extensive documentation for a free product that can be. 

The last update: May 2019 – March 2021 depending on the plugin
Compatibility with Bootstrap versions: Bootstrap 3.x and higher
Documentation: yes, еру documentation contains installation methods, browser support information, usage samplesб and more 
Developers team support: yes, via GitHub, quickly support 
Rating: 220 – 5.000 stars on GitHub for different plugins 
Dependencies: jQuery

What are bootstrap templates?


Bootstrap templates are an excellent way to start a website or web app project, it can also help you save money and effort for design. However, what exactly are these templates and how are they to help you reach your goal faster?

Bootstrap templates are already pre-styled, which means there's no need to worry about creating several design decisions. During the start of Bootstrap, programmers try to design their templates in a way that is pleasing, modern, and user friendly to interact with.

The use of Bootstrap templates would depend on how the is has been built. Some templates can be used as just ordinary HTML, CSS and Javascript. Others would come with a config project builder using Webpack or Gulp to compile the Sass files and help to make the development easier.

The advantage of using these type of templates is that you can combine them on any back-end frameworks and languages, such as Express Node.js, Laravel, ASP.NET, and many more.

In addition to that, you can also utilize these Bootstrap templates together with front-end technologies such as React or Angular.

By default, templates with high quality are well documented, which means you will get a fast start guide with regards to how to work and set up with the downloaded templates.



Volt is an open-source and free Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard that features over 100 components,3 plugins with Vanilla JS and 11 example pages.


Pixel Pro is a premium type of Bootstrap 5 UI Kit without having jQuery featuring over 1000 components, 35 example pages with an inclusion of a full-fledged dashboard for users and 50+ sections.

As you can see, these Bootstrap templates in general even though they use a similar CSS Framework, can be quite unique by means of the development environment. It is crucial that the templates are documented properly and that excellent and premium support is provided for the templates that are premium.


If you are looking for some cool Bootstrap templates and themes you can check out some free and premium templates online.

These templates could save you a huge amount of time and money and this would provide you with interfaces that are professionally designed which can take your project to a higher level. Most of the templates would use a Gulp, Sass, and also BrowserSync stack to offer you an advanced type of working environment.


Making decisions when it comes to designs can be really tough, which can then be a cause in using a template much more difficult in the process of designing. A major issue of Bootstrap functioning as a framework is that, if there is no significant number of customization, projects that built with Bootstrap would likely tend to all look alike.

You should be able to handle this by having an understanding of how to use and edit the SCSS variables of Bootstrap.

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10+ Best Free Bootstrap admin templates

 10+ Best Free Bootstrap admin templates


Creating an expert looking dashboard for your website does not need to be expensive. All because of these best and no cost Bootstrap admin templates which you should be able to search for an appropriate user interface (UI) toolkit for making your own project.

All of these tools have the inclusion of at least one pre-designed template of a dashboard homepage that can be edited and used as the basis for your project. When creating your customized dashboard, you may choose from the choices of elements, components and cards that are obtainable in the template packs.

This collection of free and the best admin templates will assist you in starting your project without the means of financial investment.


The Material Dashboard is an admin template that is inspired by the Google approach towards user interface design.

If you select the Material Dashboard template on your project, your admin area will be promoting several of the best implementations from Google in user interface design. In addition, you will also have access to an excellent set of tools that can assist you to give your dashboard a customized look.


Also known as the version of Ample Admin Pro and free to use.

If you are searching for a Bootstrap admin template with no charge specifically for a personal project, then Ample Admin is what you need. Ample Admin is a modern handcrafted template that includes seven-page templates which assist you in adding the vital areas to your dashboard


CoreUI is a Bootstrap admin type template that could help users create fashionable yet useful user interfaces.

No matter what kind of project yourself are working on, there is a good possibility that the CoreUI template might be a better match.


Now UI Dashboard utilizes a combination of fonts and colours that works together well to supply your admin's area with a good look.

With about 16 different elements at your availability, if you prefer Now UI Dashboard, you can see that this free template has almost everything you need to get started.


Star Admin template is not just fully responsive but it is also mobile-first, which means it is highly smartphone friendly.

These pre-built templates found in this package look excellent. Their design is completely modern and updated.


Argon Dashboard is free and also an open-source option for creating an admin section for a scope of projects.

With an exhaustively modern type design that has been created all over the framework of Bootstrap 4, this Dashboard will provide any project with a high-quality and professional looking interface.


This template has some useful UI components and templates to assist you in building your dashboard.

These templates that are pre-built in the free Bootstrap package will quickly enable you to get up and start.


Edmin has a good choice of dashboard templates and features to assist you in adding an admin area to your project.

From the template of the main admin dashboard, your visitors who are logged in can see any charts you would like to add to a specific area.


Has a stylish type of design that will provide your admin section with an expensive look.

The template designs could be the main attraction, which is particularly a good way out for users who require a free group of templates that appears as good like it was paid.


The Shards Dashboard (Lite) template has a lot of components and templates to assist you in creating your dashboard without costs.

The purpose of the design for this type of Bootstrap admin template is for it to function as quickly as possible.


This template should attract anyone who desires for their admin area to look dark.

As the name itself, this admin template goes with a dark colour scheme which is applied by default.

Top essential bootstrap plugins

  Top essential bootstrap plugins  Libraries and plugin/component packages UI Bootstrap   The package extends Bootstrap with an additional s...